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A name that clearly reflects our goals:
We want to provide you a range of organic products....but not only.

In fact, we don't aim at providing you a whole range of products just because they are composed of biological components. This only sales argument won't convince you to use our products.

At the beginning of this 21st century, time is to collective conscientiousness. Even if time to act has already come, we can't change people's habits with words.

Greenconscience provides first  a range of up-market and quality products which meet the most demanding needs such as trendy colours, sustainable and comfortable materials (high quality production)

Greenconscience provides today a full range of home textile products,very successful and distributed by leading brands for their intrinsic quality.

The mark of excellence is also to provide eco-aware products since the early stages of their manufacturing.

Eventually, Greenconscience will provide a range of textile items, cosmetics and personal care products...

Our future depends upon our current consumption patterns...

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